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From April 2020:

From 11 March 2020:

Retrospectively, from 29 October 2018:


What type of expenditure qualifies for the SBA?

What are qualifying activities?

SBA applies to capital expenditure on structures and buildings used for qualifying activities:  

 Structures and buildings include:

Can I claim the SBA on expenditure on dwellings and land?

No. Expenditure on residential property and other buildings that function as dwellings will not qualify:

How does the SBA apply to leasehold property?

What if my expenditure qualifies for other capital allowances?

How do I deal with qualifying expenditure which has multiple uses?

Do renovations and later additions to the property qualify?

What about changes in the use of the structure or building?

What about periods of disuse, change of use, damage to and demolition of  the property?

What happens when there is qualifying expenditure by a person not chargeable to tax?

Where construction costs are incurred by anyone not in the charge to UK tax:

What about when the building or structure is sold?

What is an Allowance statement?

Anti-avoidance rules

To ensure relief can be obtained only for genuine business costs on actual construction works, anti-avoidance rules deny or restrict the relief in certain circumstances.

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