As of December 2017 there are 48 Enterprise Zones (EZ) in the UK.

An EZ aims to attract new business to its area by offering a package of measures from capital allowances and business rate relief to planning relaxations.

What's new?

Enhanced capital allowances (ECA)

Business rate relief

Excepted businesses

Unincorporated businesses, including partnerships with corporate partners, are not eligible for special relief in EZs.

Certain sectors are excluded, and expenditure does not qualify for allowances if it relates to

Qualifying expenditure

To qualify for enhanced capital allowances, expenditure must

Small print and links

Enterprise Zones were originally introduced in 2012; the time limits reliefs were extended in Budget 2014 and in Budget 2020.

Legislation relating to Enterprise Zones and capital allowances is CAA 2001 s45K – s45N.

Finance Act 2016 amends CAA 2001 s45K so that ECAs are available for 8 years following establishment of EZ.

Information about Enterprise Zones can be found on the government website, 

HMRC’s website has a series of maps showing the locations of Enterprise Zones at


19 September 2016 Updated following Royal Assent of Finance Act 2016.

27 July 2016 Update for new zones which have gone live and are expected.

21 March 2016 Update following Budget 2016 announcements.