It seems that HMRC has finally accepted that its postal system is failing. It is tackling its postal problem at director level. You can do your bit to help identify the rogue postal offices.

Advisers have been complaining for many years of postal problems with HMRC. More recently they have found that there is often a difference of up to 2 or 3 weeks between the date an HMRC employee writes a letter to a taxpayer or his agent and the date of receipt. This problem is caused by HMRC's mail system; letters are collected from individual offices and then taken off to central offices for posting.

Each envelope sent out contains a bar code, if you can retain the envelope in which any delayed correspondance was sent this can be used to trace back to the HMRC's postal office and with luck find the source of the delay.

You can pass the envelopes to your local Working Together reps who will pass them on to HMRC.