Protesters UK Uncut have threatened HMRC with legal action in respect of the claim that an uncorrected mistake by HMRC’s Permanent Secretary Dave Hartnett lead to a loss to the taxpayer of £10 million in interest.

Under the time limits introduced on 1 April 2010 for error and mistake claims (now remamed overpayment relief) HMRC have the power to go back four years, or six years where negligence is proven.  

According to the Guardian, HMRC sources have privately confirmed reports that £10m of taxpayers’ money was lost when Dave Hartnett made a deal with Goldman Sachs because of a “technical mistake” by an unidentified official who misinterpreted the law.  

Mr Hartnett told MPs that he became involved in the collection of some £40 million of unpaid taxes from Goldman Sachs because of his "deep tax knowledge". He later admitted that he was aware that he had made a mistake but he not go back to correct it. Mr Hartnett has written to MPs to explain that he cannot discuss the case because of taxpayer confidentiality. 

UK Uncut Legal Action is a spin-off project to UK Uncut fighting for an alternative to the cuts proposed by parliament. It is arguing that the cuts are a political choice, not an economic necessity and that this choice is driven by the interests of big business, the finance sector and wealthy individuals, not caring for people