Plumbers Tax Safe Plan: useful links

Stage 1 Notification:

You must notify by 31 May 2011. At this stage you just need to submit your details, tax reference and NI number.

You can notify your intention to disclose in one of three ways:

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Stage 2 Disclosure:

You must notify by 31 August 2011.

You can make your disclosure in one of two ways:

HMRC expect most people to have to pay a maximum of six years but there will be some who need to pay more.

Deliberate defaulters

People who have been in business since before 6 April 2005 who have either:

  • deliberately told HMRC they have earned less than they have, or
  • have deliberately not told HMRC anything at all about their plumbing income.

may need to pay up to 20 years.

As soon as you think you might need to include years prior to 2005-06 in your disclosure you will need to use this form (PDF 164K) to enable you to do this. It is not possible to disclose online in these circumstances.

Non-deliberate defaulters

In the event that a default is not deliberate, there is no requirement to go back any further than six years. Each case should be considered carefully on its own facts and circumstances.

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