What taxes are relevant for non-resident property investors?  What are the reporting requirements for non-resident investors? 

A freeview signpost to our non-resident landlords and offshore investor tax guides. 

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Non-resident landlord scheme: At a glance

Our freeview guide gives a general overview of the non-resident landlord scheme.

Non-resident landlord scheme

A detailed guide for subscribers that explains the non-resident landlord scheme.

UK residential property and returning expats: To sell or not to sell?

When returning to the UK, expats face a number of issues when considering selling UK residential property. This case study illustrates some of them.

Offshore company holding UK residential property: Tax issues

Many individuals continue to hold UK property via offshore companies: is it worth selling up or transferring these assets to UK companies?

Non-resident CGT: UK property

The Capital Gains Tax regime is extended to include UK property owned by non-residents. This guide explains the rules.

Profits from dealing in or developing UK land

Anti-avoidance provisions which can catch dealing in or developing UK land and subject any profits to Income Tax.

Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)

Residential property held by corporates may be subject to an annual tax charge under the ATED regime.


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