Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS)

Penalties for failure to comply with a DOTAS obligation without reasonable excuse are provided for in section 98C Taxes Management Act 1970, as amended by FA 2010.

DOTAS penalties fall into three categories:

In all cases apart from user penalties the initial penalty is determined by a Tribunal.

If a person does not have a reasonable excuse, the factors that are considered in deciding whether or not to institute penalty proceedings will include:


There is a right of appeal against any penalty imposed by HMRC or determined by a Tribunal.

Penalty rates



Disclosure penalties

Cases where no disclosure order is involved


An amount not exceeding £600 a day during the “initial period”.
If this is an insufficient deterrent, a higher penalty, not exceeding £1 million.
A secondary daily penalty, not exceeding £600, after the initial period.


Cases where no disclosure made within 10 days of a section 314A order

Both the maximum initial daily penalty and the secondary daily penalty increase to £5,000 for each day

Information penalties

An initial penalty of an amount not exceeding £5,000. HMRC may impose a daily penalty, not exceeding £600, for each day that the failure to provide information continues after an initial penalty has been determined. The maximum daily penalty increases to £5,000 per day after an order under sections 306A or 314A.


The user penalty

A scheme user who fails to comply with a section 313 obligation to report a SRN and related information is liable to a penalty of:


£100 per scheme (i.e. each scheme to which the failure relates) for a first occasion;


£500 per scheme on the second occasion within 3 years (whether or not it relates to the same scheme involved in the previous occasion); and


£1,000 per scheme on the third and subsequent occasions (whether or not the failure relates to schemes involved in a previous occasion).


Failures involving both NICs and Income tax

No disclosure penalty will be charged for a failure to disclose a NI contribution arrangement if the arrangement, or substantially the same arrangement, is also a disclosable income tax arrangement and a penalty has been imposed for failing to disclose that arrangement.

The same principle applies in relation to information and user penalties.


From 1 June 2019 all DOTAS penalties will carry late payment interest and repayment supplement at the standard HMRC interest rates.

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