Confused by HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD)? What does Making Tax Digital really mean? How will it affect you? Does MTD mean quarterly reporting? Is my business exempted from Making Tax Digital?

What's New?

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July 2018:

HMRC published VAT Notice 700/22: Making Tax Digital for VAT

Draft Finance Bill 2019 contained proposals for three new tax penalty systems which were dropped following budget 2018. HMRC have said that they will be included in a future finance bill.

The penalty proposals are:

HMRC also published policy papers and this follows consulations: MTD: sanctions for late submission and payment and consultation, Making Tax Digital: interest harmonisation and sanctions for late payment

MTD background

Our agent guides to MTD

MTD: Toolkit for Accountants & Advisers 
Summarising the new legislation as it affects you and your clients as it unfolds

MTD: Survival guide for the self employed
Client guide to MTD

MTD: legislation tracker and index (subscribers)
The current MTD timetable, links to consultations, responses, proposed legislation and our guides and summaries. Warning: Update in progress!

MTD: Let's Simplify - Further
Comment: our practical and cost effective suggestions as to how HMRC can improve its quarterly reporting requirement.

MTD: written evidence to the House of Lords
Our submission to the House of Lords sub-committee on Finance Bill 2016.

MTD: links to evidence submitted to the House of Lords
Oral and written evidence on MTD ahead of Finance Bill 2016

MTD: alternative truths and myths
HMRC published a 'myth-buster' on MTD in 2016, its turned out to be about as reliable as a 'Trump 4am tweet'. This table busts the myths. The truth is out there.

MTD: HMRC responds
Responses to the six consultations. Quarterly reporting, simplifed three line reporting, re-think on penalties, cash accounting for landlords, some simplificaton for other businesses. Smart phone no longer mandatory.

Lord call for evidence
The House of Lords have made a call for evidence as to the benefits of MTD ahead of HMRC's publication of draft clauses in FB2017 on MTD. They are focusing on administration, clarifcation and simplification.

Making Tax Digital: changes needed
The Treasury Committee is recommending that HMRC make radical changes their approach to Making Tax Digital (MTD), including delaying implementation, raising the exemption threshold, running a pilot the covers the full reporting cycle and waiting for the software market to catch up. 

Overview: what is MTD?

Past consultations and papers

1) HMRC's 'Road Map' and timetable for MTD

3) HMRC's MTD myth-buster 

4) Seven consultations (the first one is a summary of the next six) ran until 7 November 2016.