We are looking for tax writers and advisers who are keen on a great work/life balance, are reliable and have practical experience in working in SME tax. is constantly evolving tax and business platform. We surf the net, tax case law and other tax resources to provide you with curated news and to build a database which answers all your tax FAQs via our massive practical tax database. All this is updated in real-time.

We are making the best-ever onine tax and business resource on net.

Not only do we create tools and interesting guides, checklists and briefing notes to cover the the typically tricky tax situations in which you are likely to find yourself in practice, we also often advise advisers one to one, as and when they ask via our Virtual Tax Partner service at

To work with us you must enjoy a challenge and different work each day and be adaptable and flexible in your outlook and love tax. You do need a reliable internet connection as we are 100% digital.

You need to have really good writing skills.

We are offering a highly varied and highly flexible career opportunity.

If you have specialism in any niche areas then do contact us as we will be interested in hearing more. If you think you have a service that has synergies with ours please do contact us.

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We are recruiting:

We are an online business: we meet on Skype and we have group meet-ups face to face. Practically speaking, you can be located anywhere in the UK.

Tax adviser and legal specialist roles 

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