In AHK Recruitment Ltd v HMRC [2020] TC7718, the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) denied claims of SME Research & Development (R&D) relief. The conditions for relief were not met as there was no evidence of an advance in science or technology.

Small to Medium-Sized (SMEs) can claim R&D Tax Credits when they incur costs on qualifying R&D projects and obtain an uplift on these costs.

AHK Recruitment Ltd (AHK) was a provider of human resource services and systems, including those relating to the recruitment of new employees.

The FTT agreed with HMRC, dismissing the appeals. AHK had not provided evidence to prove that:

At the hearing the company’s R&D advisers claimed the technology was not already available, there was such an advance, and there were such uncertainties. No evidence was provided by anyone at the company.

The FTT dismissed these claims as the advisers were not experts in the field and had not worked on the project at the relevant times. They also questioned the evidence provided to show that the company had a competent professional working on the project, saying that simply asserting that an employee was 'competent through experience' and providing a brief resume was not sufficient. The judge found it remarkable that AHK had not provided evidence to the court from someone contemporaneously involved in the project and/or from someone with relevant expertise.

The judge went to say that even if R&D had been undertaken, AHK had failed to prove that the costs included in its claims related to the R&D.


This case is a reminder of the importance of proving to HMRC that a project and the costs incurred thereon meet the criteria for R&D relief. The DTI guidelines have been in operation for many years now without significant change and should not be overlooked when assessing and making claims for R&D relief.


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AHK Recruitment Ltd v HMRC [2020] TC7718