In Tinkler v HMRC [2021] UKSC 39, the Supreme Court examined the conditions for estoppel by convention, finding that an agents action in complying with an enquiry notice rendered a tax enquiry and a subsequent issued closure notices valid, even though the original enquiry notice was invalid. 

Mr Tinkler Appealed on the preliminary issue of whether the enquiry had been validly opened, if not, the closure notices would also be invalid. The two primary issues in the case were:

The First Tier Tribunal found:

Mr Tinkler appealed (and HMRC cross-appealed) to the Upper Tribunal (UT) who found:

Mr Tinkler appealed to the Court of Appeal (CoA) who reversed the UT decision finding that:

HMRC appealed to the SC on the estoppel by convention issue who found:


This case highlights the importance of checking enquiry notices for their validity before engaging with HMRC. The actions of the taxpayer and their agent rendered what would otherwise have been an invalid enquiry valid.

Pulling such an argument out of the hat at a later date is unlikely to have any merit, as Lord Burrows stated in the case: "Mr Tinkler and his advisors had looked at the case at a late stage and taken a technical point, that the notice of enquiry was sent to the wrong address, even though that has not caused any prejudice."

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Tinkler v HMRC [2021] UKSC 39 

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