Prince Charles has delivered the Queen's Speech in Parliament, setting out the government's legislative agenda for the coming year. The 38 proposed bills were primarily economic in nature. No new measures were announced on ending violence against women and girls.

Thirty-eight bills were proposed with the government prefacing the Speech by warning that the country could not spend its way out of the economic decline.

A review of the legislative proposals indicates that the government is delaying in reforming the audit and accountancy sector, only offering draft legislation and the expected new Employment legislation was absent.

There were no new measures announced in respect of ending Violence against Women and Girls. Rape and sexual assault crimes against women went up by 21-22% in 2021. The launch of a 'Rape Action Plan' by the Crown Prosecution Service in 2015 shows no signs of any improvement in the rate of successful rape prosecutions. The UK now lags behind 35 other countries that have ratified the 2012 EU Istanbul Convention on Action on ending Violence against Women and Girls. Although the UK signed up to this in 2012, it has failed ratify the convention. 

A summary of selected legislative proposals that will interest businesses and their owners include:

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THE QUEEN’S SPEECH 2022 (Lobby Pack)

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