HMRC are conducting research into common errors made in completing tax forms; we thought it would be helpful for them to hear what accountants have to say on the matter.

The plan is simple; remove the causes of common errors and it will narrow the tax gap, whilst also leaving HMRC free to devote more resources on fraud detection and prevention. 

What are the most common errors that you see in practice? Email Nichola and we will add them in below (your id will not be revealed).

HMRC’s known errors

Many people fail to sign and date returns or just fail to complete the whole form. 

PAYE returns

HMRC recently published a news release aimed at employers who keep using the wrong or made-up details for an employee

Self-assessment returns

In the past HMRC have revealed common mistakes including:

We also suggest:

Investment section

Employee section

Self-employment section

Form 42/P11D/PAYE

Shares given to employees/directors

Failure to appreciate that:

Corporation tax returns

Misunderstanding surrounding: