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Who is HMRC fooling? In its consultation “Digital by Default” HMRC says that “Mandation of Corporation Tax on-line filing (from April 2011) has also been successful".  

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) have created new guide to assist taxpayers notified of PAYE underpayments for 2010-11.

Protesters UK Uncut have threatened HMRC with legal action in respect of the claim that an uncorrected mistake by HMRC’s Permanent Secretary Dave Hartnett lead to a loss to the taxpayer of £10 million in interest.

This time:

Contrasting the old Form 17 (joint property election) and the new one leads us to think that advisers may want to review existing elections.

Protesters UK Uncut and Occupy London combined forces yesterday in order to march to Whitehall and demand the resignation of Dave Hartnett.

HMRC has opened a new consultation on PAYE pooling. It is suggested that connected employers would save costs and administrative burdens if they could be treated as one employer for PAYE purposes.