SME Tax News

In R (on the application of Derry) v HMRC [2019] UKSC 19 the Supreme Court dismissed HMRC’s appeal; HMRC had opened the wrong type of enquiry into a share loss relief carry back claim.

The deadline for paying the loan charge for employment related schemes such as Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT’s) and EFRBS is 19 April 2019 for cheque payments or 22 April for electronic payments.

From 1 May 2019 HMRC are increasing their fees for money laundering supervision. If your business turnover is less than £5,000 you can apply for a ‘small business’ reduction.

In Ron Dennis v HMRC [2018] TC 6868 an indemnity clause in a shareholder’s agreement was held by the First Tier Tribunal not to be a guarantee that qualifies for Loans to Trader capital gains tax (CGT) relief.


This week's web-update features some cases that continue to explore the dark world of ITEPA 2003 and the PAYE regulations. There is a new consultation on Private Residence Relief and an new VAT guide that might be more handy than you realise.

HMRC has published a consultation, 'Capital Gains Tax: Private Residence Relief: changes to the ancillary reliefs'. This follows the Budget 2018 announcements.