The first draft of Finance Bill 2020 has been published. The bill includes a number of measures previously announced at Budget 2018 and the recent Spring Statement and intended to take effect from April 2020, including:

Capital gains tax

Income tax

Corporation tax

Income reliefs


Land and Property

The proposed 1% SDLT surcharge for non-resident purchasers of UK property which was announced at Budget 2018 appears to have been omitted from the draft bill for now.



These are not the only changes scheduled for next year, see Finance Act 2019: tax update & rolling planner 2019-20 for a summary for each tax area.


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The draft bill can be found together with explanatory notes here. Comments on the draft legislation are invited up to 5 September 2019. The final contents will then be confirmed at Budget 2019. 

Finance Bill 2019-20