HMRC have published Revenue & Customs Brief 11 (2021): ‘VAT liability of Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing services’, which explains the VAT treatment of COVID-19 tests.

For VAT purposes, providing a service of COVID-19 testing is treated as medical care, where:

The supply of Medical care can only be exempt from VAT where it is:

COVID-19 testing supplied by a body that is Care Quality Commission (CQC) or equivalent regulated, is standard rated, unless:

Travel tests

COVID-19 tests taken for international flights may be exempt from VAT where the conditions above for exemption are met.

The facts of each case must be considered on their own merits. HMRC have provided the following examples:

Standard rated


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Revenue & Customs Brief 11 (2021): VAT liability of Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing services

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