In Seamus Kavanagh v HMRC [2022] TC08500, the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) found that an individual holding 4.997% of a company was unable to benefit from Entrepreneurs’ Relief on its sale. There was no evidence of other shareholders holding any shares on trust for Mr Kavanagh.

A condition which had to be met for Entrepreneurs’ Relief to apply to the disposal was for Badger to be Mr Kavanagh's 'personal company' for the 12 months ending with the date of disposal. This meant he must have held at least 5% of its ordinary share capital and voting rights.

Mr Kavanagh argued that the other Badger shareholders held 0.002714293469% of the other A shares on Trust for him, meaning that he was the beneficial owner of 5% in total and, therefore, met the condition for Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

The FTT found that

The appeal was dismissed.


This case is a useful reminder that company shareholders should regularly review their circumstances, particularly in advance of a sale, to ensure they meet the precise conditions for any tax relief that they may wish to obtain.

Had Mr Kavanagh owned only one more share in Badger, he would have met the 5% condition necessary to benefit from Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

Entrepreneurs' Relief has since been renamed Business Asset Disposal Relief.

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Seamus Kavanagh v HMRC [2022] TC08500

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