What is the VAT rate? What is the VAT fraction for VAT at 5% or 12.5% or 20%? How do I calculate VAT?

This is a freeview 'At a glance' guide to the VAT rate and VAT fractions.

The standard rate of VAT is:

The reduced rate of VAT is:

Temporary reduced rate for the hospitality and tourism sector:

See COVID-19: Reduced rate VAT

The zero rate of VAT:

The rate for exempt supplies:

The rate of VAT charged depends on:

1. The type of supply: whether it is a supply of Goods or services.

2. The place of supply: which is determined by:

a) Working out whether the supply is from business to business or business to customer. 

b) Deciding whether it is within the general rules or covered by any exemptions.

See Place of supply: services and Place of supply: goods

3. The nature of the supply: whether the supply is:

See HMRC rates on different goods and services

VAT fraction

If you need the VAT fraction to work out the VAT on a gross (VAT inclusive total).

VAT rate





Add VAT to net price:

£100 + VAT @ 5% = £105

Work out VAT from gross price:

£105 x 1/21 = £5

12.5% 1/9

Add VAT to net price:

£100 + VAT @ 12.5% = £112.50

Work out VAT from gross price:

£112.50 x 1/9 = £12.50



Add VAT to net price:

£100 + VAT @ 15% = £115

Work out VAT from gross price:

£115 x 3/23 = £15



Add VAT to net price:

£100 + VAT @17.5% = £117.50

Work out VAT from gross price:

£117.50 x 7/47 = £17.50

20% 1/6

Add VAT to net price:

£100 + VAT @20% = £120

Work out VAT from gross price:

£120/6= £20


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Goods or services for VAT?
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Place of supply: Goods
VAT on goods is determined by the place of supply (POS); whether they are UK based supplies, imports or exports.

Place of supply: Services
The place of supply (POS) of a service determines whether the supply is within the scope of UK VAT and whether VAT is payable on that supply.

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