In his mini-budget on 23 September 2022, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, announced two reductions in the rate of Income Tax. [This was reversed on 17 October 2022 by the new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.]

From 6 April 2023

  • The Basic Rate of Income Tax will be cut from 20% to 19%. This accelerates the rate reduction which had been planned to apply from April 2024.
    • There will be a four-year transition period for Gift Aid relief to maintain the Income Tax basic rate relief at 20% until April 2027.
    • There will also be a one-year transitional period for Relief at Source (RAS) pension schemes, allowing them to continue to claim tax relief at 20%. [This was reversed on 17 October 2022]. See Fiscal Statement October 2022: At a glance
  • The additional rate (45%) of Income Tax on income over £150,000 will be abolished and replaced by a single higher rate of Income Tax of 40% * [This proposal was reversed by the Chancellor on 3 October 2022]
    • The dividend additional rate will also be removed to align with the dividend upper rate. This dividend upper rate is also reduced to 32.5% from 33.75% from 6 April 2023.
    • Taxpayers who would otherwise have been additional rate taxpayers will, from April 2023, benefit from a Personal Savings Allowance of £500, as is currently the case for higher rate taxpayers.


  • The reduction in the basic rate of Income Tax from 20% to 19% will not apply to non-savings non-dividend income in Scotland as this rate is set by the Scottish government.
  • Similarly, the abolition of the additional rate of Income Tax in Scotland applies only to savings and dividend income as these tax rates have not been devolved.

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