Running the business Article Count:  71

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In this section you will find practical tax & business guides on a range of key topics for companies. 

Essential know-how Article Count:  44

Companies 1

 This section is for companies, it features tax planning guide s and tips & tools together with tax compliance checklists and our regular CPD updates.

Ceasing trading Article Count:  24

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This category contains guides and checklists to explain what to do when a company stops trading. See also Director's essentials for more insolvency guidance.

SEIS & EIS Article Count:  15

Guides to all aspects of SEIS and EIS relief

R & D & Patent Box Article Count:  26

RD zone image

Find out all about Research & Development and Patent Box tax reliefs. We have:

  • R & D guides (subscribers) and answers to FAQs for our regular paid subscribers.
  • Our R & D Zone (extra premium content) contains fully worked through case studies together with practical know-how, R & D report templates & our R & D hotline.
Reorganisations Article Count:  17

This section looks at: reorganising companies and shareholdings, including demergers of different business activities, such as removing investment assets from trading companies, or separating trades, moving different companies between shareholders, creation and breakdown of groups, capital reduction demergers.

Creative Industry Zone Article Count:  10

Corporation Tax relief on production costs of companies in Creative Industries including: Films, Animation, High-end TV, Children's TV, Video games, Theatre performances, Orchestral performances, and Museum and Gallery Exhibitions.

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