Our 2021 Virtual Tax Partner 'VtaxP' practical tax conference takes place over two half-days on 12-13 October


  • In the run-up to the event, we are holding a series of bonus pre-conference workouts.

Our unique tax conference put all ambitious accountants (and their clients) through their paces.

  • How do you make money out of running a practice these days? Day 1 of our two part conference takes you from the cradle to the grave!

  • On Day2 we take you through the greatest tax hits of 2021-22: what are you going to do about them? We talk topical tax, we debunk demergers, we contemplate corporation tax rises and we do Tax Return boot camp!

Early birds catch more goodies!

  • Delegates who purchase 'early bird' tickets gain priority places on our bonus workouts.


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Schedule one: half-day 12 October 2021

Venue: at your desk

Timings: 9am-1.30pm

How to make lots of money out of your practice

  • How to run the most tax efficient accounting practice…ever!
    • Preach what you practice. In an ideal world, what 20 steps can you take to maximise your own income and your business income? What are you going to be recommending to your clients in 2022?

  • Selling up and moving on: CGT reliefs
    • Sell or die! Don't lose £100,000s and miss out on those valuable capital tax breaks! In this session we take you through out top ten tips and pitfalls, as we examine the quirks of BADR and other capital tax reliefs.

  • IHT Planning for accountants
    • Two things are certain: no one is immortal and worldly goods are probably of no use in an afterlife (if one does exist). Do you avoid inheritance tax by spoiling yourself and your relatives or do you want to plan carefully and maximise IHT tax reliefs? We will help you to choose!

  • Group Q & A and topical discussion based on the morning's sessions

  • Close at 1.30pm

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Schedule two: half-day 2 13 October 2021

Venue: at your desk

Timings: 9am-1.30pm

The greatest tax hits of 2021-22

  • Finance Act 2021 & topical tax update
    • Finance Act 2021 tax update
    • Losses: refresher & update on new rules
    • Making Tax Digital for Income Tax: new timings.
    • Change of basis period: new timings
  • Capital Reduction demergers unmasked
    • What is a capital reduction demerger? When and why would you use one? 

  • Tax planning for a rise in Corporation Tax
    • The rate of Corporation Tax for many companies will increase by a third from April 2023, its highest for 12 years. We look at what planning should be undertaken now.

  • 2020-21 Tax Return boot camp/hot topics
    • Taxing COVID 
    • Top Slicing. How to calculate it when the software doesn't work
    • Avoiding the High-Income Child Benefit Charge
    • Where are we with Crypto? Reporting & Recording Crypto: current state of play 
  • Finance Act 2022: what we now know

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 Schedule three: bonus pre-conference work-outs

Venue: at your desk

Timings: 20mins per session

Maximum participants per session: 6-10

What's this?

  • Come and join us for a personalised tax work-out and masterclass.
  • We have selected some of your hot topics and the aim of these sessions is to provide a closer look at some of the trickier aspects of tax. 

Useful tax things you can sell on:

    • A refresher of the FHL qualifying conditions. 
    • How those conditions may be impacted by COVID. 
    • What elections can be made. 
    • The consequences of ceasing to qualify

  • Creating a family investment company 
    • This workshop will explore the goals and considerations in setting up a family investment company and how they could be of benefit for your clients.
    • What is a family investment company trying to achieve?
    • How does it do it?
    • Tax considerations
    • Case study

  • Setting up a group
    • What are the benefits
    • What are the pitfalls
    • What paperwork is required
    • Tax clearance and Stamp Duty

  • MBOs: how should they be structured? 
    • What are the options for selling your business to your management team? Which is best?
    • Case study for an MBO using a holding company
      • Step by step
      • Clearances and reliefs
      • Pitfalls and complications
    • Planning ahead

  • Share scheme or share option scheme?
    • Tax considerations
    • What changes do you want to make to your Articles?
    • What to put into share holder agreements?

  • AML for accountants: how to do it
    • What is meant by a risk-based approach?
    • Does one size fit all?
    • Topical issues for accountants: beneficial ownership, error correction, reliance on other professionals.

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Speakers: our event is presented by the team here at www.rossmartin.co.uk.

Tickets: Click here to buy now, by booking early you will obtain free access to up to 2 of our Pre-conference workouts (we will contact you directly after you book to help you chose your workouts!).

Continuing professional development (CPD): There are 9 hours of CPD over the two-day conference, plus extra depending on whether you choose to attend our pre-conference workouts.

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