Children's facemasks are zero-rated for VAT: they are 'clothing', according to HMRC's Revenue & Customs Brief 11 (2022): ‘VAT and children’s face masks’. This sets out HMRC’s revised position in relation to children’s face masks and their VAT treatment.

Having reviewed the evidence available about the continued and widespread use of face masks, HMRC now accept that they should properly be considered to be items of clothing.

As a result:

  • The supply of face masks designed and marketed as suitable for young children (under the age of 14) can be zero-rated for VAT under Group 16, Schedule 8, VATA 1994.

Businesses that have standard-rated such sales previously can reclaim the associated VAT by following the guidance for Correcting VAT errors.

  • Revenue & Customs Brief 11 (2022) should be quoted on any VAT652 or claim letter.
  • Penalties can be charged where reasonable care is not taken when calculating any claim.

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Revenue & Customs Brief 11 (2022): VAT and children’s face masks

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