HMRC has launched a help forum and webchat service: the 'Small Business Online Forum' is aimed at small business. 

According to HMRC 'The Small Business Online Forum is a quick and easy way for small businesses to get answers to their tax questions, as well as help with:

  • starting a business
  • support for growing a business – including taking on employees and expanding
  • buying and selling abroad
  • completing tax returns
  • tax credits'


The forum is limited in the type of advice that it gives and it should not be used to send in personal data. It is primarily designed to link to HMRC's customer services, help pages and videos.

The forum has a moderation policy and it will be interesting to see if HMRC find it an efficient method of assisting the public and how they cope with the general problems of internet forums. In time the data may be used to create a more advanced help system, this does depend on the quality of that data.

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