Government statistics have revealed the number of companies and amount of funding raised under EIS, SEIS and through Social Investment Tax Relief.

Statistics are only available up to 2015-16 however they reveal that:

  • Companies have raised £16.2 billion of investments under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) since launched in 1993-94.
  • 3,370 companies raised £1.93 billion in 2014-15, and so far 3,470 companies have submitted their 2015-16 compliance statements, identifying £1.89 billion of funds raised, with London and the South East accounting for 67%.
  • The statistics also reveal that 2,360 companies received £180 million of investments under the Seed EIS (SEIS) in 2015-16, almost exactly mirroring the 2014-15 figures.
  • The business services sector accounts for more EIS and SEIS fundraising than any other, though Hi-tech services are also proving popular under SEIS.
  • The statistics also show that 25 social enterprises have raised £2.3 million through the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) scheme, up from 3 raising £0.5 million in 2014/15.

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