HMRC are writing to companies and their tax agents where they have identified inconsistencies between CT600s and the accompanying tax computations, relating to corporate losses.

On 1 April 2017, the Corporation Tax loss rules were reformed. This changed the treatment of many brought-forward losses.

HMRC have identified a number of cases where one or more boxes on submitted CT600s incorrectly included brought-forward amounts. The boxes are:

HMRC state that in affected cases they will use the loss figures submitted in the tax computations and not those recorded in the CT600 boxes above.

  • No action is required if the company agrees with this approach.

If the taxpayer or their agent believes the CT600 entries are in fact accurate, they should e-mail HMRC within 60 days of receiving the letter explaining why the CT600 entries are correct.

HMRC state that, going forward, Brought-forward losses should not be included in the CT600 boxes listed.

  • If the software does not allow those entries to be overwritten, a free format note should be included in the tax computations
  • If inconsistencies continue to arise, HMRC will use the figures in the Tax computations as the accurate loss values for the company.

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