How do you appeal against a tax penalty? What are your rights of appeal if HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have assessed you for a tax penalty? 

This is a freeview 'At a glance' guide to how to appeal a tax penalty. 

Do not delay: you must act within the time limits given

  • You have 30 days to lodge an appeal.
  • In the first instance, you appeal directly to HMRC
  • You must check that penality given and notice given is valid
  • You must state your grounds for appeal
  • You must state what you wish to be done: ie. penalty reduced, withdrawn etc
  • You may in certain cases request a review of an HMRC decision
  • Late appeals may be accepted in cases where there is a reasonable excuse for your ongoing delay.

Grounds for appeal

Appeal to a tribunal

If HMRC rejects your appeal you may appeal directly to the tribunal.

You may do this online.

If your appeal is accepted, the judge will issue directions which must be followed, these will include providing details about dates, representation and may require written representations from the parties. They will also include instructions on the bundle, case authorities and evidence.

A decision of the FTT may be appealed in certain circumstances to the Upper Tribunal (UT). A case which features a difficult technical argument may be appealed straight to the UT.

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Useful guides on this topic

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Assistance in making an appeal?

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