Pro-forma board minute template for declaring an interim dividend.

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[complete or delete all items in square brackets] 


Company name: [Company Name] ([Company Reference Number]) ("Company")
[Registered office address]
Registered in United Kingdom. 

Held at: [your address]

On: [date]

At:  [time]

Present:   [directors’ names – ensure a quorum if present to vote]

[optional paragraph: The annual/management accounts for the period ending [date] have been reviewed and the directors are satisfied that the company has sufficient distributable profits.]

IT WAS RESOLVED THAT an interim dividend amounting to:

£     per [enter class of share, e.g.ordinary share]

Be paid on or after [date of today]

In respect of the period ending [date]



[name of chair of meeting]



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Also see our Directors' loan accounts: Toolkit and Close company loans toolkit (loans to participators) for details of the section 455 tax charge and way that Chapter 6, Part 4 ITTOIA 2005 treats certain benefits and expenses to participators as dividends.


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