The CIOT and ATT have issued new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) regulations that will apply from 1 January 2017.  These shift the focus from the time spent on CPD to its outcome.

The main accounting and professional bodies all impose CPD requirements on their members, asking them to certify annually that these have been complied with.  Normally these have been based on a minimum number of hours of CPD which must be completed each year,

The CIOT / ATT’s new regulations are broadly similar to the previous version, but with two key changes:

  1. Recognising the variety of roles members have, they now apply to all members either working in tax, or holding themselves out as members whether working in the UK or overseas.
  2. The focus for CPD is increasingly on the learning outcome rather than the number of hours spent.  

The aim is to move away from the current ‘tick box’ approach of accumulating the required hours, to considering what your specific CPD requirements are based on your role and requirements.  This change is likely to be mirrored by other professional bodies in the near future


Our CPD ‘For Lunch’ Webcasts for paid subscribers are an ideal way to meet your CPD requirements.  They cover a range of topical issues, and focus on quality and relevance whilst remaining easy to digest.  Each one is between 10 and 30 minutes long, so ideal to watch while you eat your sandwiches!

The full text of the updated CPD regulations and guidance notes can be found on the CIOT website here.