Warning! MAP Registrations: they pretend to be Google. Avoid this scam at all cost. Don't do their free trial. Please pass this on to any business you know. We are being hounded.

The scam goes like this. MAP Registrations phone you up and offer a free trial to claim your business listing. They submit your business details to Google. Google sends you an activation number. So far so good.

You give the activation number to MAP Registrations and this is where it all turns sour. They now control your page on Google, then they charge you for this 'benefit'.

The scam is that you can do this yourself for free and MAP want to charge you a lot for Google's free service. They control your page and it will be difficult to get rid of them as you gave them your activation number.

The further problem that we have found is that if you, having accepted the 'free trial' decide that you don't want to partake in their overpriced service', MAP Registrations continually pester you. This is why we have written this, they won't go away and continue to call us. They won't take us off their contact list because apparently the authority of the managing director is not enough.

They call from 0844 8262241. Our caller was called Rob, and he was unable to put us through to a supervisor.

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Report nuisance calls here: ico.org.uk/calls