HMRC has released the latest 'name and shame' list of deliberate tax defaulters. The list details the name of the defaulter, the industry, tax avoided, and penalties charged.

The wholesale of alcohol contributed with two particularly large defaults and penalties, though there is no detail about what type of tax was the cause of the default.

Again, the bulk of the list is made up of restaurants, take-aways, bars and construction industry workers. As these industries are easy to abuse, with fraud cases often involving cash sales or the 'flexing' of zero rated sales, it would be safe to expect HMRC to continue to target these industries.


It's always slightly surprising that HMRC allows tax non-payers to run up such high tax debts, perhaps some of the debts are as a result of penalties arising from investigations, perhaps not. More detail as to how these debts arise would be interesting for MPs and the Public Accounts Committee.


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