HMRC has applied a fix for some of the Self Assessment online filing software specification errors relating to income tax allowances. There is now also an issue on the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) pages which is unrelated to the other problems

Where there is no overall gain or loss for 2016/17 a taxpayer will not be able to file online unless an approved HMRC workaround is used.

The workaround consists of fooling the software by entering a sum of 0.01 in boxes 7, 19, 27 and 35 of the return.

If this workaround is used there will be no tax due as the software treats 0.01 as zero.

HMRC released a software specification update on 23 October this has cured some of the issues relating to the allocation of the personal allowance and the savings and dividend allowance. See Software Specification Errors for the full list of exclusions.