HMRC’s latest one-to-many letter campaign focuses on Gift Relief claims made in 2021-22 tax returns, for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) purposes.

Nudge letters are being sent to taxpayers who included a claim for Gift Relief in their 2021-22 tax return, and, either:

  • The relevant Gift Relief claim form was not submitted.
  • The claim form was submitted, but not signed.

In both cases, the inclusion of Gift Relief on the 2021-22 tax return was likely to be invalid.

HMRC’s letter instructs affected taxpayers to take one of two courses of action within 30 days. Either:

  1. Amend the 2021-22 tax return to remove the Gift Relief claim.
  2. Submit the completed and signed Gift Relief claim form.

Failing to contact HMRC or take any action may result in the individual’s tax return being amended to remove the claim. Alternatively, HMRC may open an enquiry.

Where Additional tax is due, interest and Inaccuracy penalties may be charged.

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CIOT: HMRC nudge letters for gift holdover relief claims

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