A lot of clients say that they have had difficulty navigating HMRC's online payment screen, this is a walk-through describing how to make a payment using online banking. The end steps may vary according to your individual bank.

How to pay HMRC

Go to: https://www.gov.uk/pay-self-assessment-tax-bill/approve-payment-through-online-bank-account

Click on the link: When you’re ready to pay, start your Self Assessment payment.

It asks: Do you want to sign in to your tax account?

Tick the box: No, pay without signing in

Click continue

Enter your Self Assessment Tax reference (“UTR”) in the box (this is the 10 digit tax number)

Press Continue

Enter the amount to pay in £

Press Continue

Choose a way to pay: your options are:

  • Pay by bank account (new) Approve a payment to come straight from your bank account
  • Direct Debit (one-off payment) A single, one-off Direct Debit payment. You are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee
  • Debit card or corporate credit card There is no fee for personal debit cards. Corporate credit and debit cards are charged a fee.

Chose pay by bank account

Now follow the remaining screen to provide:

Your bank name

Your email address (optional)

You will now be directed off to your bank to approve the payment. This takes you off to your own bank’s interface to enter your online banking details. As noted above these interfaces may vary with your bank.

Once you make payment you will go back to HMRC where you receive a submission receipt.

If you provided an email address you will also receive an email, rather worryingly, this says:

"Your payment will be complete once the money has left your bank account.

If you have an online tax account your payment will take 3 to 5 days to show in your account."

We sure hope that this is not true and the date of payment is the date on which the payment was made using HMRC's online portal. As if there is a later date the portal does not warn that!


If you have not got access to online banking then you can select the Direct Debit (one-off payment option).

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