In their latest one-to-many letter, HMRC turn their attention to company owners who may have underdeclared dividend income.

The letters, being sent to company shareholders from 5 February 2024, state that HMRC believe Dividend income may not have been fully declared.

Using information from company accounts, HMRC can compare reported profits to movements in reserves. They can identify potential cases where reserves drop despite profits being recorded. HMRC surmise that this indicates that the companies’ shareholders may have received a distribution or dividend.  

Where individuals have undisclosed income to declare, they are asked to inform HMRC by following instructions given online. If no income needs to be disclosed, taxpayers are asked to let HMRC know by phone or email.

In both cases, HMRC give a 30-day deadline to get in touch, stating that a compliance check may otherwise be opened.

Future developments in reporting dividends

  • From 2025-26, It is intended that HMRC will have more information at their disposal to determine whether company owners are fully declaring their dividend income.
  • Regulations are expected to be laid in Spring 2024 which will require director-shareholders in Close companies to detail the amount of dividend income received from such companies separately from other dividend income in their tax return. In addition, their percentage shareholding will need to be disclosed.

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