HMRC is issuing 'correction letters' to landlords to confirm a change in guidance: a new boiler can be considered an allowable expense against rental income, even when it constitutes an upgrade driven by advancements in technology.

Boiler repair

In December 2023 HMRC began sending One-To-Many Letters to landlords who, according to HMRC's data, claimed higher levels of expenditure on repairs and maintenance than other landlords with similar income. 

HMRC was concerned that landlords may have included Capital costs in their Repair and maintenance expenses. The letter included examples of what constitutes revenue and capital costs.

In that letter, HMRC stated that unallowable capital costs included upgrading a central heating boiler from an older, less efficient model. 

HMRC has now admitted that the One-to-Many letter included misleading advice and was not accurate. They have issued a correction letter confirming that an upgraded new boiler may be allowed as an expense against rental income when:

  • it consist of an upgrade due to an advance in technology, and
  • the new item does broadly the same job as the old one.

Recipients of the One-to-Many letter who subsequently amended their self-assessment return regarding a boiler expense are requested to review it again and email HMRC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if they believe they can claim additional tax relief.

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