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HMRC has opened a new consultation on PAYE pooling. It is suggested that connected employers would save costs and administrative burdens if they could be treated as one employer for PAYE purposes. 

Problem paying your tax bill on time? If you are a large company, with billions in assets and paying dividends to your shareholders, then don’t worry HMRC will be generous. If you are a private company and you pay dividends don’t expect the same treatment.

Mrs Lawson appeared to be the sole legal and beneficial owner of a property purchased to provide accommodation for her and her husband’s daughter.

In Robert Gaines-Cooper v HMRC [2011] UKSC 47 an international business man lost his residency appeal in the Supreme Court. Judges decided 4-1 that he had never left the UK when he moved abroad and remained UK resident.

HMRC are conducting research into common errors made in completing tax forms; we thought it would be helpful for them to hear what accountants have to say on the matter.

The Treasury Solicitor's decision to drop its £4,000 concession in relation to Bona Vacantia will raise an eyebrow or two.


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