Chancellor Rishi Sunak made announcements on Research & Development (R&D) in his Spring Statement on 23 March 2022, including a future shake-up to reduce abuse.

Where it is necessary for the R&D to take place overseas, the government will legislate so that expenditure on overseas R&D activities can still qualify where there are:

  • Material factors such as geography, environment, population or other conditions that are not present in the UK and are required for the research. For example, deep ocean research.
  • Regulatory or other legal requirements that activities must take place outside of the UK, for example, clinical trials.

The scope of expenditure that will qualify for R&D relief will be widened from April 2023 to include:

  • All cloud costs in respect of the storage of vital data.
  • Mathematical advances, making pure mathematics a qualifying cost.

The Spring Statement has also flagged other changes which are being considered as part of the continuing review of R&D reliefs.

  • Increasing the generosity of the RDEC scheme.
  • Changes to tackle the abuse of the schemes, particularly the SME scheme.
  • Creating a visa regime to enable more highly skilled workers to relocate to the UK.

Legislation is to be published in the summer and further announcements will be made in the autumn.

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