In Subway (Staines Central) Limited v HMRC [2020] TC07943, the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) upheld HMRC’s assessment of under-declared output VAT and associated inaccuracy penalties.

  • Subway (Staines Central) Limited (the company) traded as a Subway franchisee.
  • The company’s VAT returns between May 2015 and February 2017 displayed 39% to 53% of standard-rated sales, which HMRC considered to be significantly lower than that normally seen in Subway restaurants.
  • HMRC undertook four covert purchases which identified staff members incorrectly zero-rated supplies which should have been standard rated having not asked the customer if they were Eating in or taking away.
  • HMRC conducted an invigilation exercise and concluded that 75.9% of sales should have been standard-rated and an assessment of £48,025 was raised.
  • The assessment was reduced to £37,568 on review by HMRC so as to be calculated on a VAT inclusive, rather than VAT exclusive, basis.
  • An Inaccuracy penalty of £6,198 was charged under Sch 24 FA 2007 at 16.5%:
    • HMRC considered the inaccuracy to be careless: the maximum penalty being 30% of potential lost revenue.
    • As a prompted disclosure, the minimum penalty chargeable was 15%.
    • Reductions totalling 90% were given for ‘helping’, ‘giving’ and ‘telling’.

The company appealed to the FTT, which upheld the assessment and penalties charged, finding:

  • The assessment issued by HMRC and the methodology underlying it was reasonable and it had been calculated to HMRC’s best of judgment based on the information available.
  • The penalty was validly charged and its amount correct.

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