In Regency Factors PLC v HMRC EWCA Civ 103, the Court of Appeal (CoA) dismissed a claim for VAT bad debt relief by a company which did have bad debts but which was unable to claim them in the prescribed way: its accounting system would not facilitate a proper claim.

  • Regency Factors Limited (Regency) claimed Bad debt relief for VAT as bad debts reduced the amount of VATable consideration received for goods and services.
  • Regency could not allocate the debts to specific invoices due to its internal accounting system.
  • Instead, bad debts were monitored in terms of individual clients.
  • HMRC raised enquiries and issued closure notices denying the claims as they had not been calculated in line with the legislation which required a single bad debt relief account to allocate bad debts to specific supplies.

Regency appealed to the First Tier Tribunal which concluded that bad debt relief was not available as:

  • There was no bad debt.
  • Regency had not complied with the legislative requirements to claim the relief.

Regency appealed to the Upper Tribunal who accepted that:

  • While there was a bad debt,
  • No relief was available as the legislative requirements had not been met.

Regency’s appeal to the CoA under EU law grounds was dismissed as:

  • EU law granted member states discretion to implement bad debt relief in a way that it saw fit provided it met specific principles.
  • UK legislation made it necessary to identify a particular supply against which bad debt relief was claimed.
  • This condition was within the discretion of the domestic legislator and offered an easily identifiable audit trail for HMRC to ratify the claim.
  • The inclusion of this condition in the UK tax code was not ‘impossible or excessively difficult to fulfil’ – if it had been an EU law challenge could have been considered.
  • Regency had failed to meet the requirements of the domestic legislation, the domestic legislation was compatible with EU law and no bad debt relief was available.

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Regency Factors PLC v HMRC EWCA Civ 103

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