The General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) Panel has issued its opinion on a Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) scheme which used sub-sale relief and an annuity in order to reduce the resulting SDLT charge on the purchase of a residential property to nil.

The GAAR Panel was asked to consider planning under which:

  • Mr and Mrs A were to buy a residential property from a third party for £549k as Tenants in Common in ratios of 99% and 1% respectively.
  • On completion, Mr A made a declaration of trust such that he held an 81% interest in the property in favour of Mrs A.
  • In consideration, Mrs A granted an annuity with a capital value of £449k providing an annual payment of £1,122.
  • The SDLT return was completed on the basis that the consideration paid for the property was 19% of the £549k purchase price plus 12 instalments of £1,122 under the annuity.
  • This was on the basis that there had been a sub-sale, the declaration of trust, and particular valuation rules apply where annuities form part of the chargeable consideration for that sub-sale.
  • As a result, no SDLT was paid.

The GAAR panel decided that neither entering into nor carrying out the tax arrangements was a reasonable course of action as:

  • The results of the arrangements were not consistent with the legislative provisions as:
    • A straightforward purchase of a residential property for £549k would have led to a liability of £17,450.
    • Sub-sale relief was intended to provide relief from double taxation, the scheme utilised sub-sale relief to avoid any taxation on the property purchase.
  • There are contrived or abnormal steps as:
    • There were simpler ways to achieve the ownership split, the scheme involved additional steps based on tax advice.
    • A premium fee was charged for that advice based on SDLT saved.
  • If the arrangements succeeded there would have been one or more legislative shortcomings which would have been exploited.
  • The planning results in a mismatch with the economic position as a residential property has been purchased for £549k without any associated SDLT charge.
  • The arrangements were not in line with established HMRC practice.

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GAAR Advisory Panel opinion of 20 January 2023: Stamp Duty Land Tax arrangements in relation to the sale and purchase of a residential property that involves a sub-sale and an annuity

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