HMRC have cautioned that Form 484 has been used to fraudulently access VAT repayments.

What is the problem? 

Businesses can update their VAT contact information, returns dates and bank details with HMRC by either:

  • Using a paper form "Notifying us of changes to a VAT registered business" (known as Form VAT484). 
  • Online via their Business tax account.

HMRC have found that VAT repayments have been fraudulently accessed. Fraudsters exploit Form VAT484 to update details and gain access to the repayments. 

What is HMRC doing to address the issue?

Among other measures, HMRC has been sending letters to businesses to confirm changes that have been made to their details. 

What steps should you take? 

Your business must take precautionary steps to avoid this fraud and should:

  • Verify their bank account details through the business’ tax account. 
  • Ensure that repayments are received as expected. 
  • Check any letters sent by HMRC contain the correct details. 

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