On 29 April 2024, HMRC introduced a new digital service, enabling taxpayers to conveniently check their State Pension forecast and make voluntary contributions to address gaps in their National Insurance (NI) record.

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Why is your National Insurance record important?

  • An individual's State Pension entitlement is determined by their National Insurance (NI) record. 
  • To claim any State Pension, individuals usually need at least 10 qualifying years on their NI record. To claim a full state pension under the ‘new State Pension’ rules, an individual needs at least 35 qualifying years. 
  • Some individuals have gaps in their NI record, this can occur if they have:
    • Not received NI credits.
    • Not paid any NI contributions.
    • Not paid sufficient NI contributions.
  • Individuals can fill gaps in their NI records by making voluntary contributions.
  • Usually, individuals can only pay voluntary contributions for the previous six tax years.
  • However, until 5 April 2025, Eligible individuals are able to pay voluntary contributions to make up gaps in their NI record between 6 April 2006 and 5 April 2018.
  • It's not always worth making full voluntary contributions, you need to work out what level of voluntary contribution will provide the most benefit. See, Pension: Check National Insurance records by 5 April 2025.

HMRC’s new digital 'Check your State Pension Forecast Service'

  • The new service will now allow individuals to: 
    • Identify gaps in their NI records.  
    • Obtain details of their pension forecast.
    • Understand how much their State Pension could increase by if voluntary contributions were made.
    • Choose which tax years they would like to make voluntary contributions for. 
    • Make secure payments through the service and receive confirmation upon successful receipt.
  • The service can be accessed using the Check your State Pension forecast  (link) via
    • GOV.UK.
    • The HMRC app.
  • Customers will need to log in to the new digital service using their Personal Tax Account login details. Those without an online HMRC account can register on GOV.UK.
  • Previously taxpayers would be required to phone HMRC to obtain a reference number before making a voluntary contribution, this will no longer be required for those using the new digital service. 
  • This service is not available to the following individuals:
    • Individuals who are already receiving their State Pension.
    • The self-employed or individuals currently living outside the UK with gaps incurred while working abroad.

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