To pay by cheque (this takes as long as the post takes):

Sign up to the appropriate plan and when you receive the email requesting payment, follow the Payment steps

Renew your subscription or subscribe for the first time to unlock The annual fee for a sole practitioner: i.e. a sole trader or single director corporate practice,who is trading out of one office is £399 + VAT. If you are a multi-partner/director firm, the cost is £125 + VAT per additional partner/director (you get one free with each office!).

If you have more than one office then go to the Multi Office subscription (next one down). You are given one free partner/director per office, if you have multiple partners/directors you pay £125 + VAT per additional person.


Duration: 365 days
Price: £399.00

Subscribe to unlock The annual fee is £399 + VAT, per office.

If you have more than one office then you pay £399 + VAT per extra office. this costing gives you one free partner/director per office: these are automatically given logins.

If you are a multiple partner/director business you pay £125 + VAT per fee earning partner or director, this is regardless as to whether they use the service. 

Duration: 365 days
Price: £399.00

Payment steps

Please make your cheque payable to "Tiger Dog Publishingcontact us (if needed) for the appropriate subscription fee for multi-partner practices, and send to:

Tiger Dog Media & Publishing Limited
The Roost
Dorset DT6 4PF