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Before you start...

You are about to become a company director. Where do you start and what do you need to do?

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What you get 

Directors' responsibilities and duties

 A summary of your legal responsibilities as a company director including those that apply to non-executive directors and shadow directors. 

New directors' registration forms

Links to forms that new directors must complete for Companies House and HMRC.

Employment status & tax: Directors & non-executive directors

A guide setting out the employment tax status of directors including how non-executive directors are taxed.

Director's service contracts, top tips

Under the Companies Act, directors must have a written contract with their company. This guide tells you what to consider and what to avoid when drafting one. 

Director's Service Contract template

A template that can be used to produce a service contract for a director.

Statutory pay entitlement: directors and other employees

A guide to the rules determining entitlement to statutory pay for directors and other employees to help you understand what you are entitled to and what you should be paying your employees. 

Directors & the National Living Wage

A guide to when directors are subject to the NLW/NMW so you can make sure you are compliant from day one.


Your life as a director...

Now that you are director what do you need to know and do to make sure you are tax compliant? What expenses and reliefs can you claim as an owner-manager?

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What you get 

Directors' NICs and payrolls

A director's National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are calculated by reference to annual earnings to prevent NICs avoidance. This guide explains how to make sure that the right boxes have been ticked for the director's NICs.

Directors' loan accounts: Toolkit

A guide to the rules and implications when a director has an overdrawn loan account with their company.

Travel rules for owner-managers

When are travel costs allowable for directors? What are the temporary workplace rules and what is a permanent workplace? What other expenses can be claimed? This guide sets it all out.
Working from home (directors)

What expenses can a director claim for working from home? A director is more likely to charge rent; their status may cause extra complications as this guide explains.

Can I charge interest if I lend money to the company? A guide for directors lending money to their company covering charging interest and how this is taxed as well as what happens if you borrow money to lend to the company.
Can I charge my company rent for use of my home? Can I charge my company rent? Under what circumstances, and what expenses can I claim? Can I offset my mortgage? A guide to the tax considerations and implications of charging rent.
Pension contributions: Personal or company? Is it more tax efficient to pay pension contributions personally or via your own company? A guide setting out the options.
Do I need to file a tax return?

When do directors need to file a tax return? This guide explains.


At the end of the company/directorship... 

Whether you are simply ceasing your directorship, selling your company or ceasing to trade there are choices to be made and procedures to follow. 

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What you get 

Insolvency FAQs for directors

What are your obligations as a director if your company becomes insolvent? A guide to common FAQs that directors may have about insolvency situations. See also Joint & Several Liability of Company Directors etc

Leaving payments and directors

A director may be paid a lump sum on leaving employment or stepping down from office. How will this be taxed? This guide explains.

Ceasing trading: What are your options?

A guide to what your options are if you are going to cease trading, what processes must be followed and what the tax, company and insolvency law requirements are.

Selling the business: Where do I start?

Selling a business can seem daunting. This is a checklist-briefing note for potential sellers. It applies to companies and their shareholders.

Business Asset Disposal Relief: Disposal of shares or securities in a company

An essential guide to when you can claim Business Asset Disposal Relief (BADR) on a share sale, what the rate of relief is and how to make a claim. 


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