R&D Zone is a unique Research and Development tax resource which is available as VIP (Very Important Practitioner, as a stand-alone purchase) or an add-on service to your existing www.rossmartin.co.uk subscription. 

You do not need to be an existing subscriber to www.rossmartin.co.uk in order to access the R&D Zone. This also works as a stand-alone subscription.

R&D Zone brings you the tools to 'cut out the middle man' and make your own R&D claim directly with HMRC.

If DIY is not your thing, then sub-contract the problem (it will be financially advantageous) via the Virtual Tax Partner support service at super-discounted rates. These are the best value rates around and no claim is too small.


R&D Zone


Access to R&D Zone premium contents:

Planning your R&D claims:

R&D for start-ups

  • How State Aid and Subsidised expenditure affect your claims
  • Making successful grant aid applications
  • Interaction of other tax relief and maximising claims
  • Post 1 April 2017 company losses

Making a claim

  • Defining a project and qualifying costs
  • Advanced assurance
  • Staff, contractors and sub-contractors
  • Materials, overheads and costings

Tax computations, workings and steps

SME Scheme worked through examples:

  • With Profits
  • With Losses
  • With Losses (combination with profits)
  • With mixed SME/RDEC

Large company scheme

  • RDEC 
  • RDEC with losses
  • RDEC with losses, corporation loss relief options

Accounting for R&D

All this

R&D claim Mentoring & Support

Membership of R & D Zone gives you a fixed 15% fee (discounted from the industry norm of 20%) if you would like paid assistance in making a claim.

This is only available for support given via the Virtual Tax Partner support service

  • Making a technical review of qualifying criteria
  • Applying for advanced assurance
  • Evaluating and quantifying your claim
  • Deciding which form of relief is suitable for you
  • Considering interaction with State Aid and loss reliefs
  • Planning staff costs
  • Drafting your R&D Report

We can also assist in making Grant Applications, SEIS or EIS documentation

& this too!


R&D Zone DIY

R&D Zone enhanced membership + helpline

Please contact us for pricing and payment details. 

R&D tax and technical support is also available via the Virtual Tax Partner service at www.VtaxP.co.uk