Research and development (R&D): introducing the R&D Zone. 

R&D Zone aims to provides you with practical know-how and support in putting together an R&D claim:

What is R&D? 

When can I make an R&D claim? 

How can I claim R&D? 

What expenses qualify for R&D? 

R&D templates.

R&D workings for small company credits, RDEC, large company and grant-aided companies. 


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Getting started

Do I have a valid R&D Claim?  

DIY Advanced Assurance

Check that your claim potentially meets the required criteria.

Decide whether to apply for advanced assurance.

Planning for your R&D company

State Aid and Subsidised expenditure 

You need to review all your tax planning 'in the round' so as to maximise entitlement to the various reliefs, especially if you have interaction with SEIS and EIS.

What can I claim?

You need to know how state aid or grant assistance will affect your claim and how various tax reliefs interact with your claims

How can I claim?

Can I claim under SME Scheme or RDEC? 

You need to work out whether you meet the criteria for the SME or the RDEC. 

Our tools ask do I have qualifying R&D expenditure? If so can I claim under the SME scheme or the RDEC, or a combination of the two?

Putting together a claim

R&D Reports & templates 

The key to a successful claim: have you a qualifying project? Be sure you have documentation and recording systems in place to allow you to create a report and claim all available expenses.

Workings for different scenarios

 Different claims are made in different ways, we set out the common scenarios for you with step-by-step instructions.