Recent spate of cyber attacks across Ukraine may have come from what appeared to be regular updates to tax software according to some leading software experts.

According to the Reuters news agency, 'Microsoft, Cisco Systems Inc and Symantec Corp said they believed the first infections occurred in Ukraine when malware was transmitted to users of a tax software program.' 

The tax software's updates may have been hacked to include malware. Malware are programs that are designed infiltrate and disrupt operating systems and, these cases often request ransoms from users for their removal.

In a further twist to the tale, the code for the malware may have been hacked from code created for hacking by the US military. 

The UK's NHS was also affected by malware several weeks ago, that attack was blamed on the use of outdated Miscrosoft operating systems.


Computer users need to extremely wary about clicking links in emails, even from trusted sources. Software upates are a particular issue as every software company tells you to keep your software updated. Firms should all be reviewing their IT security.

Sources: Reuters news, BBC news.