Happy New Tax Year. 
In addition to the 2010 Finance bill we have some new tax acts. This means no further changes in tax law, but quite a few new section numbers.

On 1 April the following acts came into force:

  • The Corporation Tax Act 2010 (CTA 2010)
  • The Taxation (International and Other Provisions) Act 2010 (TIOPA 2010)

If you are an SME adviser many of the section numbers that you are so familiar with have changed.

For example:

A loan to a participator is now s.455(1) CTA 2010 (previously s.419(1) ICTA 1988).

Both new acts are published online, with tables of destinations so you can track the changes to section numbers.

We are updating the material on www.rossmartin.co.uk but we will continue where we think it helpful (and it is practical to do so) to quote both old and new references.