A group of millionaires from around the world called ‘Millionaires for Humanity’ have signed an open letter urging governments to charge them more tax to help with economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter bears the signatures of over 80 individuals, including the British film director Richard Curtis, famous for Blackadder and Four Weddings and a Funeral, two members of the Disney family and one of the co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

In the letter, addressed to 'Our fellow global citizens', those who have signed state:

“We the undersigned millionaires ask our governments to raise taxes on people like us. Immediately. Substantially. Permanently.”

They praise and thank all key workers, acknowledge that their money makes them much less vulnerable to both the virus itself and it’s economic impacts and that simply supporting charities will not be enough this time, and end the letter by  saying:

 “Tax us, Tax us, Tax us. It is the right choice, it is the only choice. Humanity is more important than our money”.

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Source: https://www.millionairesforhumanity.com/